Monday, December 19, 2011


We adopted a fluffball over the summer.  He is so darn cute.  We do not know what type of dog Ziggy is, but it's been fun to guess.  Some say he has poodle in him, some shih tzu, westie...
For being a puppy he hasn't gotten into too much trouble...beside the carpet.

The kids love Zig so much! 

When he got over a couple months old, his right ear started to stick up...too cute.
Now he is in need of a haircut, this grooming thing is new to us.  Having less shedding has been a very nice exchange I have to say. Our Dinah did not have that type of fur. 
It's sooo wonderful to have a doggie back in our home again! 


Bethany said...

OH my gosh... Ziggy is the most adorable doggie I've ever seen! He seems to fit right in with your family! Your kids are so cute too! Congratulations! (Great photos of him too!)

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