Sunday, January 27, 2013

be a dreamer

The new year brings a fresh start and many promises...and promises that you wish to keep.  So this year I did not make resolutions, but just things I really, really want to happen.  I find myself saying I wish I had more time to {fill in the blank with a myriad of wishes} There is never enough time, so I will try to make do with the here and now. 
One thing I wished I had done more last year was having more family dinners together, all four at the kitchen table.  And as I had looked through photos of our family, I wished I had been in some of them on the other side of the camera and also capturing my husband as well.  Failing at a 52 week project in 2012, I decided to try a 365 this year.  Makes complete sense doesn't it? Sure.  BUT I am using my iphone, so just shoot & then upload on my instagram.  Done.

So 2013 is almost a month in,
and this year has been really, really good so far. 

a self portrait, one thing I hardly ever take...but new year, right?
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Anonymous said...

What a great self portrait!

Dee said...

Love this perspective Kellie! It feels all so warm and cozy. I am horrible at 52s and 365s. I was doing a 365 on Instagram but then got busy with life and I'm a week and a half behind. Lol!

Suri said...

Love this. nice capture, now I want to try self portrait, thanks for sharing.

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