Sunday, March 24, 2013

be lucky

I am lucky that I have a camera. I am lucky I can capture today so tomorrow, when today seems so far away,,,I can bring it all right back.
 For sure I was lucky that my two babies let me take photos of them this day.  I think playing the Beatles on the record player helped a little...or maybe a bribe too.


& how lucky to have experienced records, then cassettes, CDs (finally my own player in HS!), & now all our music right at our fingertips.

Continue on this blog circle & visit Dee here to see how lucky she is!  She also has another blog- living a clean life with some great recipes. 


Laura A said...

I love these!! So cool that you're exposing your kiddos to different music players--they might be in the minority of kids who know what records are :)

Bethany said...

These photos are so great! It takes me back to this age when I was doing the very same thing with my parents' records! I need to get one of those record players too!

Tracey Southerland said...

Love these images & your interpretation!

abauescott said...

Oh my goodness I love the fact that your kids know what a record player is! Great pics!

Anonymous said...

love that you still have records!

Suri said...

Love these photos, great capture

Emily said...

Absolutely love these!

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