Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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signs of spring
Springtime has finally arrived here in Georgia.  I am so done with cold weather and jackets.  Unfortunately that means the crazy pollen counts in the 1000s as well.  But I am enjoying our spring break this week and look forward to spending time with my family coming in town.

 Avery had the idea to blow the petals she had knocked off our cherry tree.  I think she was picturing a image that I had shown her once of a girl blowing glitter (still want to try that)

 Japanese maple...

The monthly themed blog circle has ended, but I have joined Light Inspired's 10 on 10 blog circle...10 images on the 10th of the month!


Melissa Brown said...

Such wonderful images! You have captured springtime so beautifully with these!

Tracey Southerland said...

So happy to see signs of spring! Love these images, especially of sweet Avery blowing the petals!

Unknown said...

so beautifully done!!! congrats!!

sofia said...

oohh! the one with the petals is so so cute! :)
Lovely spring photos!

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