Sunday, August 5, 2012

end of summer

So it's the end of the summer for us,,,back to school for my kids & I.  It has been a fun summer, especially with our family road trip to Michigan{our longest evah}.
Below is my girl & two of our cousins jumping into the lake. I know we will continue the yearly summer vacation with all my family.  So my kiddos and cousins can grow up together just like I did with my cousins.
The three of them are taunting our Uncle Bill..not sure what they want him to do, but their silliness was too cute to pass up capturing.

I look forward to the many, many more awesome memories with my family.  Oh how I wish we lived closer.

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 Let the Kids


I tried to come up with a cute saying for these darling sisters... I think I'll let the picture do it for me..

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Atlanta Newborn photographer | sweet sweet Jane

Meet Janie.  A baby girl in a family of boys.  Three boys in fact.  You can believe the whole family was thrilled to have some pink in the household. 

She is much loved indeed and already has everyone wanting the chance to take care of her.  Who could not dote on this precious baby girl? 
I love that this is her mommy's blanket she is resting on...

Janie and her brothers
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