Saturday, February 23, 2013

be loved

I just love Valentine's Day.  Even with all the commerical hype, I love every part of it.  I especially love that I get to go out with my husband.  My mom always made a big deal about it when my brother & I were growing up.  Along with our stash of candy and trinkets, she would write sweet notes and draw little hearts in her handwriting.  My dad still continues to give my two kiddos gifts..this year he gave her the BIGGEST stuffed bear my daughter had ever seen.  This year for them...I set out a Valentine's breakfast.
Since my daughter has started school, I have taken photos for her Valentine cards,,, no longer for my son though.  Avery has much more fun with it than her brother ever did!  I love that she doesn't mind being in front of the camera (well most of the time!)
Our fluffy Ziggy always gives us love.


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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Julie Paisley Photography Workshop\\

I was lucky to attend Julie Paisley's workshop in South Carolina this past September.   She led a fabulous two day workshop and I also had the opportunity to shoot two family photo sessions.  Here are my favorites..
oh how she had us laughing with her imaginative play
I was amazed by the venue {we did both sessions here} and all the variety it had to offer. 
such a sweet family aren't they?

Not only did I get to meet sweet Julie...but I also met an awesome group of photographers.  Glad to be on this journey with a great group of girls-I just wish we all lived closer.  I look forward to getting together with them again in the future. 

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