Friday, October 9, 2009

About Me

I have always loved photography {do all photographers say that?} and love having photo albums filled with pictures. ~but~ I did not start reading about & researching photography and practicing using a digital SLR camera until my daughter was born.   I have been hooked ever since.  Hmmm.. put into words what I do.. I strive to capture what my client wants and put my spin on it.  This is you, your loved one, your family at this moment, this milestone, this day in your life.  Time goes by oh so fast...and I want to create that tangible memory for you to hold on to. 

I am married to my awesome husband Paul and lucky to have my two kids Bryce & Avery...all who make my world go 'round {along with chocolate & peanut butter}.  Along with photography, I am a teacher and wish I had more time left in the day to craft, shop, and have girls night out. 


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