Friday, October 9, 2009


~Children's Clothing~

its fun to dress up lil ones for the shoot, but bring fun, favorite pieces
into the mix as well

It's hard to choose the outfits with so many cute and funky clothes out there.  Wardrobe changes allow you to try them.

Some fave clothing lines...

Since my son was born, I have noticed more cool boy duds out there..especially online. 

Some fave clothing lines..

Shoes...or bare feet?
Either works.  For adults as well!

Bring your favorite items from home...from your childhood, family heirloom, or new favorite!
Lollipops, bubbles, and balloons are always fun to include...for the kiddos ones too =) 

I have gathered just a few things that I am happy to bring along.  Just ask!


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